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ArmA2 Campaign cont.

New event created for this upcoming sunday. Please vote your attendance here

Coop Campaign Sunday

We're going to be playing a few missions from a coop campaign. No addons required besides ArmA2 and OA.
Make sure you are running the latest beta of OA (

We kick this event off this sunday at 20:00GMT.

Dont forget to register your interest here

ArmA 2 server status malfunction

Currently the ArmA 2 server status panel in the bottom right corner is reporting "SERVER NOT RESPONDING".

This is incorrect. The server is running as normal and we are looking into the problem. In the meantime we are using GameTracker.


Update: The 6thSense server query tool is using Gamespy Protocol 2 while ArmA2 is now using Gamespy Protocol 3. The 6thSense server query will no longer be used because it will not be updated to use Protocol 3.

New banners in place

New banners are in place. Now looking for a banner rotator that works with PHP Fusion 7.00+.

If you know of one please let me know. Any site design feedback is appreciated in the forum


Update: Banners are now rotated randomly.

New Squad.xml in use

We are now using the new updated version of the squad.xml that was originally made by BIS. The new squad.xml supports individual avatars and a style that fit our site. Anyone who wants to make a new proper squad logo is welcome to do so. 

The squad roster can be accessed in the top left navigation menu.

Automated News Scroller

Ankur was kind to let me use his automated news scroller. It was not supposed to be released because it is not XHTML validated. 

Thank you, Ankur Thakur.


 The new site is finally open for business. Sign up and report in, guys and gals. Make yourself at home, but take off your shoes before you enter. Oh and whoever empties the coffee machine is required to fill'er up again.

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